Lybrion is a platform and provider of services that help:

  • Transformation of models and markets
  • Digital synergy opportunities
  • Risk & quality assurance
  • Business to grow and expand
  • Qualified and institutional investors
  • Competent advisory
  • Confident partners to collaborate
Competency & Services
  • Digital finance public offerings
  • Tokenization of assets and debts
  • Legal and financial advice
  • Digital asset management


Security token offerings
  • Asset and equity backed offerings
  • Legal and financial structuring
  • Planning, marketing, promotion
  • Road shows, fundraising
Investor relations
  • White papers, public memorandums, calls
  • "Know your client" (KYC) procedures for issuers
  • Equity backed tokenholders' activities assistance
  • Financial transparency services
Access to institutions and platforms
  • Selection of token standard and platform
  • Assistance in listings, initial exchange offering (IEO)
  • Corporate governance quality ensuring
Digitized capital raise
  • Digitized capital raise strategy and planning
  • Qualified and institutional investors communication
  • Limited investors token placements
  • Crypto/fiat operations and advice

Executive Team

Managed by a team combining competence in blockchain, investment and corporate governance areas, Lybrion is a trusted and effective partner for all partakers of digitized financial markets.

Russia Hong_Kong
Andrey Plastovets
CEO & Founder. Blockchain governance and strategy professional.
  • Project management, risk analysis and strategic planning with 7+ years of experience.
  • A leading financial adviser and investment specialist in the digital asset market and stock.
  • Andrey has a commercial and Information Technology background and consulted dozens of blockchain projects.
  • Private investor in more than 15 blockchain projects since 2016.
  • Developed over 10 project of blockchain integration in different industries.
Kenya Norway Spain Hong_Kong United Kingdom
Dmitry Suschov
Founder. Investment and corporate finance professional.
  • Investment and corporate finance professional, 20+ years of experience.
  • More than 200 professional engagements in field of financing, investment management, management consulting, corporate governance (Eurasia Mining, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, MDM Bank, Investment Group Capital, Noble House Capital).
  • Traditionary and impact business investor.
Ukraine Hong_Kong
Alexey Pogorely
Founder. Blockchain and digital public finance professional.
  • Investment specialist in ICO, IEO, STO and project analytics since 2015.
  • Co-founder of the iTuber online investors community.
  • Competencies: attracting investments, investment management, technical and legal consulting, risk analysis, strategic planning, concept development.
  • Private investor in more than 25 projects (DavNetwork, GoNetwork, Comsa, 0x, BeeToken, Metadium, Fantom, WAX).
Russia Hong_Kong United Kingdom
Vasily Kudrin
Founder. Corporate governance and financial management professional.
  • Corporate governance and financial management professional, 20+ years of experience.
  • More than 200 professional engagements in field of corporate governance, risk management, business advisory (Basic Element Group, Yukos, Ernst & Young, X5 Retail Group, AFC Sistema, HLB Russian Group).
  • Professional communities activist.
Latest news
Digital Security Approach

Lybrion presents methodology on digital securities placements and offerings, covering investor approach and issuer risk management matters.

Impact Investing

Lybrion focuses on impact investment opportunities and has developed an approach maximizing benefits in this vision.

Open Networks

May 25, 2020, Vasily Kudrin conducted an interview with CEO of TON Labs Alexander Filatov on perspectives of FreeTON and other blockchain ecosystems.

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