Lybrion forms a platform and an alliance of service providers that help:

  • companies and projects raise finance via crowdinvesting, public offering or private placements on digitizing equity, real assets and low-risk debts;
  • private and institutional investors pick out better opportunities guaranteeing capitals grow at low risk.

  • The general range of services provided Lybrion Alliance companies is as follows.

    Lybrion. Solutions
     Security token offerings

    • Asset and equity backed offerings
    • Legal and financial structuring
    • Planning, marketing, promotion
    • Road shows, fundraising
    Access to institutions and platforms

    • Selection of token standard and platform
    • Assistance in listings, initial exchange offering (IEO)
    • Corporate governance quality ensuring
    Investor relations

    • White papers, public memorandums, calls
    • "Know your client" (KYC) procedures for issuers
    • Equity backed tokenholders' activities assistance
    • Financial transparency services
    Digitized capital raise

    • Digitized capital raise strategy and planning
    • Qualified and institutional investors communication
    • Limited investors token placements
    • Crypto/fiat operations and advice
    Token valuation and models

    • Digitizing inventories, valuation, verification
    • Tokenomics strategy and modelling
    • Token feasibility assurance, due diligence
    • Scam assessment and reviews
    Token securitization

    • Transformation of utility tokens into securities
    • Product sharing tokenization
    • Project finance through iterated token issuance
    Тoken engineering

    • Token narratives and conceptual design
    • Smart contract design, programming, testing
    • Blockchain into product integration
    • Technical advisory
    Focused sectors

    • Commercial real estate, rental business
    • Art objects, high-value real assets
    • Agronomy, food production
    • Noble metals: sales contracts, mining projects
    Legal support

    • Legal risk and model analysis
    • Selection of legal jurisdiction
    • CccLegal advisory and opinions
    • KYC, AML and anti-fraud services
    Asset management advisory

    • Digital asset risk assessment
    • Token portfolio management
    • Dividend policies and procedures
    Advisory for issuers

    • Communication with regulators
    • Memorandums, filings, public reporting
    • Financial and risk transparency advisory
    • Market research
    Risk governance and advice

    • Risk profiling, management advisory
    • Scam prevention, investigations and asset recovery
    • Special advisory for governance and management boards