Tokens and Issuers

Lybrion's guide on how security tokenization both solves and creates problems for issuing businesses.

New Era Mining

The blockchain technology is reinventing the way companies operate and deliver products and services to their clients. This is well visible in the mining and metals industry.

Precious Metal Tokens

One of the most interesting implementations of blockchain is backing physical matters. Lybrion prepared an article on tokenization of precious metals.

Tokenization of Commodities

Article by Alexey Pogorely, Director of Lybrion, on prospects and benefits for blockchain tokenization at commodity markets.

Digital Securities

Lybrion's thought paper on how blockchain-based digital securities (security tokens) reshape the way people conduct business on a global scale.

Tokens of Art

Art and collectibles can be investment means. Lybrion made a brief guideline on perspectives and methods of blockchaining of art objects for investment purposes.

Smart Lending

Lybrion's guideline on peer-to-peer lending and on what blockchain based tokenization means for it.