Digital Governance Association

-- Lybrion invites professionals to the Digital Governance Association (DGA).


Lybrion starts the Digital Governance Association (DGA) and invites active digital investment and corporate governance professionals to partner and collaborate.


DGA is the group (community) of experts interested in developing and implementing opportunities in the following modern areas:

  • Organization of investments in digital assets;
  • Organization of corporate governance of companies using distributed ledger and other digital technologies;
  • Use of distributed ledger technologies in corporate finance areas;
  • Legal support of financial projects related to blockchain;
  • Technical and Internet implementation of blockchain related projects.

    The Objectives of Collaboration:

  • Exchange of specific business offers and demands;
  • Search for business opportunities;
  • Sourcing of project teams;
  • Search for employees, freelance specialists for projects;
  • Professional examination requests;
  • Search and invitation of partners for projects and joint or special companies.

    Digital Governance Association (DGA):

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