Investment Advisory

Lybrion, international digital investment advisory, presents the line of services and welcome partners and project teams to cooperation and business interaction.

Lybrion provides services that helps:

  • companies and projects raise finance via crowdinvesting, public offering or private placements on digitizing equity and real assets;
  • private and institutional investors pick out better opportunities guaranteeing capitals grow at low risk.
  • Aim:

  • Transformation of models and markets,
  • Digital synergy opportunities,
  • Risk & quality assurance.
  • Partakers:

  • Business to grow and expand,
  • Qualified and institutional investors,
  • Competent advisory,
  • Confident partners to collaborate.
  • Competency & Services:

  • Digital finance public offerings,
  • Tokenization of assets and debts,
  • Legal and financial advice,
  • Digital asset management.
  • Lybrion welcomes clients, experts, professional organizations, strategic partners, project teams to cooperation and business interaction.