New Governance

-- Lybrion shares its vision to interact with blockchain ecosystems.


Nowdays digital blockchain ecosystems with decentralized and polycentralized models and governance components have significant development opportunities. Lybrion introduces a package of solutions helping to evaluate and improve these models, their effectiveness, maturity and perspectives. The main clients for these solutions and services are blockchain platforms, commercial organizations initiating a platform or looking for partnership opportunities with platforms, large investors (crypto asset holders) and investment candidates.


This set covers the following services.

Evaluation and diagnostics:

  • Diagnostics of maturity of a platform, its components and sub-governance functions;
  • Assessment of risks of platform development, partnerships;
  • Investigation of incidents that led to problems for a platform;
  • Evaluation of functions of sub-governance, control and analysis of platforms.

    Development, improvement and growth:

  • Start preparation, concept design and planning;
  • Platform acceleration, growth assistance and mentoring;
  • Fraud prevention modelling and other services;
  • Development of motivation models ensuring growth of a platform.

    Ensuring transparency and control:

  • Legal support for different participants;
  • Formation of control systems and processes for sub-governance functions;
  • Assessment and improvement of platform evaluation and analysis functions.

    Lybrion is interested in working with quality partners and clients, invites all interested parties to mutually beneficial interaction. If you, or the platform you participate in, are interested in receiving quality services and improving your digital governance, please contact us. Lybrion is open to partnerships and collaborations.