Realty Effect

-- Lybrion launches a service line for real estate.


Lybrion launches a service line to assist development, construction, property management companies in employment of blockchain for more efficiency in real estate business.


These solutions will include financing through equity tokenization, as well as designing different hybrid token models to support rent, leasing, trading and other economic activities of this business segment.


Our approach for real estate companies and projects assists in the following tasks.

  • Strategy planning support, including selection of property objects providing sources for rental and other kinds of payments, preparation of indicative plan and initial token structuring options, financial and operating models, organization of due diligence review of payment streams;
  • Design of tokenomics (token economics), including valuation models, selection of distributed ledger technology protocol, preparation of white (marketing) and yellow (technical) papers and other materials, preliminary investor relation and road shows;
  • Detailed project preparation: selection of appropriate jurisdiction, structuring of token emmitence, legal structuring, main marketing campaign structuring and detailed planning, organization of a prototype for a tokenization platform;
  • Marketing and investor sales campaign, including employment of sales channels, road shows and negotiations; KYC, AML and legal compliance procedures;
  • Execution of tokens, including support of investor cabinets, launch of smart contract generation, assured by a professional third party, a launch of a token.

    Lybrion team and advisory members have a good knowledge and experience in the area of investing into assets through tokenization. We invite clients and all interested parties to interact and organize joint projects.


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