Strategic Transformation

-- Lybrion to transform into the Alliance and expand strategies. //

Lybrion announces the expansion of activities and transformation into the Alliance. This decision came after a number of strategic sessions between initial partners of Lybrion, held in November-December. Development of a decentralized economy associated with blockchain technologies requires new appropriate forms of business design. Building decentralized and polycentralized autonomous organizations and projects that allow involvement of new partners and talents is a more meaningful approach to further strategic growth.

The Alliance model assumes greater independence of its projects, teams and companies while maintaining a common coordinating mission. Although Lybrion teams continue to support and develop third-party, client projects, curerntly, they also develop 12 own crypto projects and initiatives. Subsequently, they will be connected by a cohesive ecosystem with implementation of a universal digital asset.

The important benefits of transformation are as follows.

  • Accelerating task completion with a high degree of risk management of individual partners and Lybrion as a whole;
  • No need to maintain a restrictive unitary legal structure in the implementation of innovations, as well as new projects, the development of decentralized corporate governance practices;
  • Increasing business motivation of individual partners, effective distribution of roles, involvement, participation in the development of projects and systems;
  • Creating incentives that will enhance Lybrion's competitive position within the decentralized economy;
  • Increasing flexibility in management and operational work by increasing the independence of individual teams while maintaining strategic coordination on mutually beneficial projects and activities, increasing the efficiency of teams;
  • Growing the strength of Lybrion brand through the implementation of expansion plans.

    Lybrion is focused on building sustainable relationships and invites new investment and business partners to discuss opportunities for strategic coordination in the decentralized finance and economy market.