Blockchain Chamber

-- Zhanna Baidasheva founds the international Blockchain Chamber in Astana.


Zhanna Baidasheva, who guides a team in Lybrion (alliance), has started the international Digital Finance and Blockchain Chamber with initiative centre in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.


It is a non-for-profit, high-level association for companies and institutions expanding their strategies, processes and competencies in digital finance, distributed ledger and Web3 technologies. The chamber has an international strategy and focus on interaction with large industries and businesses.


The chamber's activities:

  • Partnership. Promoting development of trade and business relations between countries in blockchain and digital finance.
  • Awareness. Informing chamber members on global trends and new developments in blockchain technology.
  • Network. Bringing together major business leaders in the industry to make an effective dialogue that promotes the rational implementation of blockchain and improve the quality of people’s life.
  • Education. Human resources capacity development, training and coaching programs.
  • Government relations. Providing blockchain solutions to improve public services, analytics and expertise;
  • Regulatory and legal support. In partnership with international law firms, the chamber's team study and forecast regulatory amendments and changes faced by blockchain ecosystems.

    Blockchain chamber: