Generous GameFi

-- Andrey Plastovets spoke on GameFi issues, solutions and prospects.


Andrey Plastovets, Director of Lybrion and Managing Director of Secnolum, a technology team in Lybrion Alliance, spoke at TON CON International Congress with a topic dedicated to issues and prospects of GameFi industry.

The presentation covered the following aspects:

  • The origins of the GameFi industry and its comparison with the traditional sector of computer and network games;
  • GameFi analytics on attracted investments in 2021-2022 years;
  • Key problems of the current development of the industry and ways to solve them;
  • Principles of development healthy economics for GameFi projects and platforms;
  • Practical development of cross-platform Play-and-Earn business simulator.

    Earlier in 2022, Secnolum launched Tonlanders, a new model Play-and-Earn project based on TON blockchain. It is a cross-platform GameFi metaverse, a business development and growth simulation, creating unique experiences around the world. The users can build and manage their own digital businesses. Everything players own in the metaverse are NFTs: land with digital resources/deposits, other realty, livestock and even player/users avatars.


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