Digital Security Approach

-- Lybrion prepared the methodology on digital security placements.


Following successful experience of past projects and development of current ones, Lybrion has developed a unique and effective methodology of digital securities placements and offerings. It is based on high, world class professional standards, concentrated around compliance with international legislation and covers rules of approaching different investor categories, comprehensive risk management and issuer reviews.


The approach excludes mass work with retail investors at seed investment stage of third-party or own venture projects. It remains possible to interact with separate investment partners functioning as business angels of venture projects and share risks equally with the project organizers. For further raising rounds, crowdfunding can be used in full compliance with the best international practices and legislation of countries of offerings.


The approach also implies a rigorous and professional attitude to risk management. In work with issuers we use the following steps in risk assessment and management.

  • Environment and product evaluation (acquiantance, preliminary information; control environment and strategy; core product evaluation);
  • Analysis of risk appetite and factors (risk appetite understanding; human factor consideration; risk factors and zones assessment);
  • Risk control assessment (management questions; review of management actions; residual risk assessment);
  • Scoring plan (scoring composition; sampling; collection of additional information);
  • Comprehensive analysis (collaterals; financial analysis; conditional testing; analysis of scoring results);
  • Completion and monitroing design (discussion of results; solutions and action plans; project risk assessment; monitoring plan).

    Risk identification and assessment is carried out in four categories: idea and strategy, compliance and transperancy, team and motivation, processes and operations. They cover more than 20 groups (zones) of risks, which are studied before making a decision to work with an issuer and are reevaluated throughout the project to adjust actions aimed at protecting investors' interests.


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