Open Networks

-- Lybrion paricipated in a conference on blockchain ecosystem prospects.


Vasily Kudrin, Director of Lybrion, conducted a public online conference with Co-founder and CEO of TON Labs Alexander Filatov on perspectives of FreeTON and other blockchain ecosystems.

The event was dedicated to the following topics.

  • Development potential of decentralized networks (ecosystems) based on blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies.
  • Technologies and methods to avoid network load at critical moments.
  • Different roles of ecosystem participants, motivation and reward system.
  • Impact of the current situation and potential economic crisis on development of decentralized ecosystems.
  • General plans for development of the blockchain-based network, taking into account other technologies and waves of changes in the global economy.

    Aleksandr Filatov is a famous entrepreneur, formerly a top manager in machinery and consumer goods (FMCG) industries. In 2010s, Mr. Filatov was CEO of the largest industrial holdings Russian Machines and Arkley Capital (Chelpipe Group), as well as the operating company RM Terex, a joint venture between Russian Machines and US corporation Terex. Mr. Filatov also served as a supervisory board's director for many leading Russian and international companies.


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