Impact Investing

-- Lybrion develops professional thesis to impact investment opportunities.


Lybrion focuses on impact investment opportunities, developing an approach that maximizes benefits in this vision.

Effective impact investing is becoming long-term and commercially most profitable form of investment and development. On Lybrion's view, impact investments are made in projects, funds and organizations with consciousness of producing measurable, beneficial social impact, alongside with valuable, constructive transformation of business segments and significant financial returns arising from gratification on explicit people's needs and demands.

Key attributes for Lybrion in selecting impact investing opportunities are the following.

  • Valuable, positive transformational impact on an industry, business area or segment;
  • Explicit response and satisfaction of people's specific needs and demands;
  • Growth advantages from being involved in solving social problems accumulated as a result of previous destructive or suppressing activities or straitened way of life of people's communities and groups;
  • Significant positive social effect, leading to a noticeable improvement in people's lives in the medium or short term;
  • –°orresponding significant financial return and sustainable growth in business value;
  • Growing the strength of Lybrion brand through the implementation of expansion plans.

    Examples to focus in Lybrion's impact vision are: electricity, agriculture, real estate, transportation, water supply, marine products, education and others.

    Lybrion is interested in attracting quality partners and clients, invites all interested parties to mutually beneficial interaction.