Qualified Fundraising

-- Lybrion raises the quality of its fundraising processes.


Lybrion keeps on improving its fundraising services while offering a new line of opportunities. We also developed a standard aimed at providing quality fundraising, including comprehensive risk management methods. It's components are as follows:

  • Criteria for the quality of fundraising;
  • Rules for dealing with different types of (token) issuers;
  • Risk management both for issuers and for different categories of investors;
  • Approach to fundrasing procedures;
  • Interaction with various stakeholders.

    Lybrion's main quality criteria for fundraising projects:

  • Focus on already growing, developing companies, microcaps, businesses with confirmed revenues.
  • Presence of a transformational impact on a business sector (segment).
  • Efficient and experienced issuer's team with necessary knowledge and skill sets, proven success stories, mature and resilient attitude.
  • Compliance with key principles in relation to working with different categories of investors, groups and markets, proper combination of private and public placements.
  • Selection for a good legal system.
  • High-quality business processes, well-established for current operations and developing for business growth.
  • Rights of a token (digital equivalent) for asset/other rights must be confirmed explicitly and transparently.

    Additional opportunities (solutions):

  • Development of a fundraising strategy;
  • Assessment and management of risks of fundraising campaigns (plans);
  • Formation of investment portfolios in digital assets for different categories of investors;
  • Implementation of closed placements as a part of main plan of fundrasing;
  • Tokenization of assets and liabilities with further raising of funds aimed at business development.

    If you are interested in receiving quality services, as well as improving your corporate digital asset management practice, please contact us, Lybrion is open to partner and cooperate.


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    Lybrion Guidelines: http://lybrion.com/guide