Project Perspectives

-- Alexey Pogorely made a conference speech on realty tokenization.

Alexey Pogorely, Director of Lybrion, spoke on October 31, 2019, on real estate tokenization at "Web 3.0. New investment opportunities and project perspectives" conference in Kiev. The following issues were addressed in the presentation.

  • Tokenization is an effective and legal instrument that allows to digitize property for investment.
  • Tokens can be sold to all kind of investors from different countries.
  • Technically you can issue your tokens on special platforms in few clicks. Those kind of the platforms also provide extra functionality services like legal support, token rights design, etc.
  • As of now, there are about 50 fortunate cases off real estate tokenization. Potential market is huge.
  • Tokenization allows you attract investments both in crypto or fiat. KYC & AML procedures help risk-averse investors make sure that you will not get any questions from regulators.

    Lybrion, the leading international digital investment advisory, provides services in tokenization of real estate and invites all professional parties to partnership and mutual projects in this area.