Risk Intelligence

-- Lybrion presents risk intelligence approach to evaluate crypto initiatives.


Lybrion utilizes balanced and conservative approach to evaluating companies and projects that raise finance through tokenization of assets or equity shares. The approach is based on a comprehensive risk assessment that is supplement to business strategy and process evaluation.

The risk-based methodology covers the following stages of professional work:

  • business and main product evaluation;
  • analysis of the control environment, risk culture and managers' personal approach;
  • identification of risk factors and zones (compliance, operations, finance, ethics);
  • risk response analysis, scoping of residual risk zones;
  • survey modeling, express scoring design and execution;
  • risk-based and event-driven financial analysis;
  • monitoring design and obtaining management assertions.


    The approach allows companies and projects to better assess their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, protects investors, and prevents occurrence of moral hazards and conflicts.

    If you are interested in receiving quality services, as well as improving your corporate methodology for evaluating investment, innovative projects and early growth companies, contact Lybrion for open partnership and cooperation.

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