Reinventing Internet

-- Lybrion inducts an approach to development of Web3 ecosystems.


Progress of Web3 technologies contributes to advancement of blockchain solutions in regular business. They simplify process of recording transactions and accounting for business network assets by offering authorized network participants instant, shared, and completely transparent access to information in a distributed, immutable ledger. Global business needs a new set of tools to unleash blockchain potential, helping to upgrade existing networks to Web3.

Lybrion, an international digital investment company, is going further and developing a range of solutions to apply Web3 in digital finance.

These solutions include the following:

  • integration of decentralized applications (dApps) to automate financial and some business processes and transactions;
  • assisting subject-specific clusters aimed at accelerating and optimizing economic chains;
  • development of ecosystems of asset tokenization tools to raise funding for business growth and scaling.

    Lybrion expects rapid development of Web3, the market sees asset tokenization as a sector with high growth potential. This is due to interest around tokens issued through security token offerings, which are positioned as meeting traditional regulatory requirements for raising capital, as well as finance relations in decentralized networks.

    Lybrion's Guidelines:

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