Valuable Challenges

-- Vasily Kudrin spoke on digital asset risk governance.


Digital asset market is actively growing and expanding qualitatively, so the risk management governance of digital asset projects is becoming more and more relevant. To this a fundamental speech of Vasily Kudrin, Director of Lybrion, made at International professional forum "Risk Management - New Challenges" in Moscow was dedicated.

The following issues were raised within the presentation:

  • Accelerating task completion with a high degree of risk management of individual partners and Lybrion as a whole;
  • Impact of various digital financial assets on risk management practices;
  • Risk assessment in digital financial asset management;
  • Development of legislation in digital asset area;
  • Approach to management of compliance, fraud and other risks of digital asset projects;
  • Risk-focused audit of digital asset projects;
  • Recommendations for design of risk management supporting the development of digital financial assets market.

    Lybrion governance is based on proven, scientifically sound frameworks created by highly professional experts with years of experience in the traditional investment sector and digital finance. Successful governance expands the civilized digital asset market, enhances its longterm reliability, and fosters widespread adoption of sustainable instruments.