Token Universe

-- Alexey Pogorely spoke on blockchain based tokenization of businesses.


Alexey Pogorely, Director of Lybrion, spoke on blockchain based tokenization of different businesses and systems at Future of Money conference.


The following matters were observed in the presentation.

  • Tokenization as a tool that succeeds in transparency, automation and legal compliance of real sector business in the digital environment.
  • Value of tokenization compared to classical fiat or security assets.
  • Reason for tokenization as means of increasing asset coverage ratio.
  • Tasks to solve to acheive full potential of tokenization.
  • Notes on legislative approach to digital assets.

    Lybrion, world-class digital investment and advisory firm, has professional resources and methodologies in blockchain based tokenization, and is actively developing progressive relationships with various participants in digital investment and technological environment, inviting clients and partners of various specialties to effective cooperation.


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