Values and Principles

-- Lybrion presents its fundamentals: vision, values and value proposition.


Lybrion's fundamentals will be a basis for the investment thesis and investor relation rules. Developed from the extensive experience of Lybrion's partners, they incorporate best practices and guidelines from the investment, business and management communities.



  • Integrity and Uprightness,
  • Innovations, Insightfulness and Growth,
  • Transcendence, Quality and Positive Impact,
  • Trusted Collaboration and Partnership.


    To Be the Best Change for This World. Investing in the Digitally Best Future.



    The world's largest, prime and qualified digital investment environ for our partners, clients and trusted associates leading in innovations, technologies, and actions for positive business and social impact on people’s well-being and development.

  • The large broadly recognized investment company and fund, a professional adviser in the area of digital investments and digital financial capital markets.
  • An international company that takes into account the traditions of countries and regions of its activity.
  • An optimal and effective combination of venture capital investment and risk-based capital protection technologies for sustainable growth.
  • Creates, participates and develops in a technologically and innovatively oriented environment.
  • Reaching more than 75% of the countries of the world.
  • Developing partnerships with employees, experts and clients.

    Value proposition

    We ensure high quality of work with responsibility to customers providing solutions based on sufficient data, risk awareness and rigorous analysis. We advocate and manage change, combining innovation technologies and business on one place where our partners, clients and trusted associates get access to high quality services, such as:

  • Raising funds through business tokenization,
  • Legal support,
  • Project development and planning from inception,
  • Transformation of classical capital fundraising models to increase investment attractiveness,
  • Consulting and risk assessment.