Qualified Fundraising

Lybrion continues to improve fundraising solutions with a new line of quality opportunities.

Impact Investing

Lybrion focuses on impact investment opportunities and has developed an approach maximizing benefits in this vision.

Future of Business

April 18, 2020, Aleksey Pogorely made a report on prospects and advantages of business tokenization at Future of Money conference.

Ramping Security

December 18, 2019, Aleksey Pogorely made a report on perspectives of security token market and tokenization of business at Kiev Blockchain Forum.

Crypto Finance

December 03, 2019, Vasily Kudrin, spoke on assessment of companies issuing digital financial assets at Innovational Control Conference, organized in the Financial University (Moscow).

Realty Effect

Lybrion launches a service line to assist development, construction, property management companies in employment of blockchain for more efficiency in real estate business.

Digital Control

December 02, 2019, Vasily Kudrin took part as a leader of digital technology discussion group on the conference at Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

Talent Search

Lybrion grows quickly and seeks for motivated talents to further market leadership.

Mining in Chain

Dmitry Suschov spoke at mining and investment conference in Toronto (Canada) on perspectives of blockchain based financial projects in metals and mining industry.

Security Token Awareness

November 28, 2019, Vasily Kudrin spoke on opportunities and risk management for security token offerings and placements at the conference organized in Moscow and supported by Crypto Valley.

Metals and Mining

November 15, 2019, Lybrion starts a line of services to assist companies and projects developing and utilizing blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in the metals and mining industry.

Project Perspectives

October 31, 2019, Aleksey Pogorely, Director of Lybrion, spoke on real estate tokenization at "Web 3.0. New investment opportunities and project perspectives" conference in Kiev.

Risk Intelligence

Lybrion utilizes balanced and conservative approach to evaluating companies and projects that raise finance through tokenization of assets or equity shares.

Market Growth Prospect

October 31, 2019, Vasily Kudrin, Director of Lybrion, spoke at the International Digital Forum in Moscow on the theme "Digital capital and investment market growth prospect".

Digital Capital Lab

October 18, 2019, Lybrion starts its Digital Capital Lab. This is a platform for information on digital securities (tokens), capital shares, converged financial instruments.